National Crime Prevention Council’s presence in the Police News/Cop Magazine

16 pages in the spring edition of the Hungarian Police’s newspaper, Cop Magazine, are dedicated to introduce the work of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Readers can get information and inside scoops about the programmes, trainings, new and innovative projects of the Council and can learn more about the use of art and theatre on the field of… More »

The tales written by our colleague, Ms Judit Diószegi

Out of 18 national projects the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) program won the 4th place at the Best Practice Conference organised by the Estonian Presidency of EUCPN. The aim of the annual conference is to exchange crime prevention best practices around the EU under the auspice of the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA).

Last year’s theme was Cyber Safety in which topic Hungary submitted a national project called „Fables of Crime Prevention - Tales of Forest-town”. The tales about computer security risks and the dangers of internet were presented by Ms Fruzsina… More »